Dhoni Doesn’t Wear Indian Flag On His Helmet. The Reason Will Make You Respect Him Even More

MS Dhoni is one of the most respected players of Indian Cricket team. Though he has been pretty inconsistent recently as a batsman on the field, his overall contribution is no less than great.

Dhoni with his amazing batting and wicket-keeping skills has taken the team towards victory. His work as a captain of the team has been admired worldwide. Overall it can be said easily that Dhoni has done everything to make India and Indians feel proud in front of the world.

However, it has been observed that unlike many Indian cricketers, Dhoni doesn’t have the symbol of Indian National Flag on his helmet.

Virat Kohli has it, Shikhar Dhawan, Yuvraj Singh and Rohit Sharma also have it but why Dhoni doesn’t have an Indian Flag on his helmet?

The question is big and a Quora user named Chandan Narayan has answered it. After reading the answer, we must say that we do agree with him and if the reason is true, we are proud of Dhoni. Here’s what he has to say-

For the respect of the Flag.

MS is a wicket keeper who very often needs to change from wearing a simple hat to a hard helmet. He cannot always call someone from the dug out to supply him these things every now and then. That’s to save time and also just because a player is not there in the team’s playing XI does not mean he will carry hats and helmets all the time.

So a wicket keeper very often has to keep the helmet someplace back in the distance when he does not wear it.

A National flag is a symbol of great honor and respect, so it can’t be placed on ground as the law states. That’s a true conduct, you can Google it. Hence either you don’t put the helmet with Flag on ground or don’t put the Flag on the helmet at all.

Dhoni is also an army officer, so he must abide by this even more religiously. Cricketers, or public figures like this are Great examples to be followed by a nation. So he is just setting a good example for everyone to follow as well.

An Instagram user has also given a similar kind of reason. Take a look-

Former Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is not spotted featuring the Indian flag on his helmet while keeping of late. While he has had the flag on his helmet in the past, he doesn’t prefer having the tri-colors on his helmet now.

This appears to be a conscious effort from the gloveman. The national flag is a symbol of respect and pride for any person. According to a Quora user, the law states that any equipment with the national flag cannot be placed on the ground.

But a wicket-keeper needs to put his helmet on the ground while keeping to fast bowlers. It is tough to hand it over to the 12th man in between overs as it wastes time and the umpires wouldn’t  allow it. Hence, the finisher decided not to have the flag on his helmet which is a great gesture.

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